My Passion for Sports


Who doesn’t Agree?

Would you ever keep your precious goods in an unsecured locker? I bet, you wouldn’t. This is not the sole but it sure is important reason for me to advocate sports. Societies are made of the mind set held by any group of people.


Precious of all in a human body is the machine which sets it all up. BRAIN, the most critical and significant jewel of a human body. As stated, you become what you think. The case sets it path by this phrase. Society would eventually become what they think.

What does it have to do with sports?

Brain is kept in a locker called head, a part of your body. I do not have to write much to make my point but still it needs slight elaboration. Only a very secure locker or in our case, a healthy body shall be assigned to keep the brain. That is what our precious jewel deserves. Brain kept in fresh, healthy and energetic body shall be able to perform in the desired way. Healthy bodies of millions will have millions of healthy brains. Millions of healthy brains will generate billions of positive thoughts and ideas. So be it, all that will lead to a positive outcome in every walk of life.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Mixed Martial Arts

Sports have this amazing, unique way of making a positive impact in society. Whether it’s helping children, communities or even nations, sports make a difference on a daily basis. In case of Pakistan, there is not much to mention when it comes to support. You would find sport critics mentioning continuous deterioration at national or local level sports.

Looking it all from another perspective, a phenomenon is getting developed. It is important to understand the dynamics of sports authorities while discussing this. Public sector authorities and private sector organisations. Pakistan has just reached the point where establishment of private sports leagues have started. Since 1947, Pakistan’s sports have primarily been operated by government bodies.

Recent development of private sports entities have geared up the process of development of sports in Pakistan though it is in it’s immature phase but it is still pleasant to see the process initiating.


Serai Fight Night or SFN is part of this new era of sports in Pakistan. SFN is a private Mixed Martial Arts promotion. MMA has been the interest of youth for quite a long and it has been in existence at various different levels. Neighbor-hood gyms and fitness centers have been practicing MMA. Despite of the fact that there has been no proper facilitation but still youth has shown some glorifying results.

Saad Ali Khan, the chairman at SFN sensed the talent and potential growth of sports in Pakistan via MMA and joined hands with the experts in the domain. Serai Fight Night initiated the process in 2017 and it was able to put up an international event in Pakistan. 2018 event was in collaboration with one of the international MMA promotion company of Bahrain named BRAVE.

After 2018, the focus turned towards the local talent. The outcome of the focus is the first ever contender fight night announced by SFN. The agenda of SFN Contender night is to support and promote the local talent. The event is scheduled to take place in Islamabad on 3rd of August 2019. At contender night, 26 fighters are competing to prove their abilities.

SFN Contender night is a new concept taking place for the very first time in Pakistan. Another highlight of the event is the female fighters contest. Two of the female fighters are going to be in MMA Cage as well.


Sports Goods Manufacturing in Sialkot SMEs

Small & Medium Sized Manufacturing Units in Pakistan

Umer Toor Sialkot Pakistan - Sri Lanka - High Commissioner - Maj. General (R) JayanathC.P. Lokuketagodage - Sports in Pakistan
H.E Maj. General (R) JayanathC.P. Lokuketagodage at small manufacturing unit

Sri Lanka eyeing on improving the trade between Pakistan & Sri Lanka. High commissioner of Sri Lanka H.E Maj. General (R) JayanathC.P. Lokuketagodage along with the delegation of experts have visited Sialkot twice in a week time. During his first visit, he focused at the chamber of commerce of Sialkot. Briefing by the chamber of commerce of Sialkot increased his level of interest which has led to his second visit today.

Umer Toor - Sri Lanka - High Commissioner - Maj. General (R) JayanathC.P. Lokuketagodage - Sports in Pakistan Sialkot.jpg
H.E Maj. General (R) JayanathC.P. Lokuketagodagetion, Umer Toor & Aoun Abbas

High commissioner of Sri Lanka H.E Maj. General (R) JayanathC.P. Lokuketagodage was accompanied by a researcher and marketer, Mr. Umer Toor and senior sports activist, Mr. Aoun Abbas. He visited various SMEs along with the members of his delegation. He was deeply impressed by the perfection and the art held by people of Sialkot working in small and medium industries. Delegation spent whole day in downtown area of Sialkot and witnessed grass root level work of extraordinary craftsmanship.

Owners of SMEs were delighted to have the delegation since it shall help them in spreading the word of the quality products available in Sialkot. OwUmer Toor Sialkot - Sri Lanka - High Commissioner - Maj. General (R) JayanathC.P. Lokuketagodage - Sports in Pakistanners at manufacturing units also expressed their desire to see increase in such visits. People from Pakistan and other parts of world should be able to visit the hidden manufacturing units. Though chamber of commerce and Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association is constantly working hard to facilitate the industry but most of the time visits of international delegates are focused on larger manufacturing units. Supporting exposure of SMEs to such delegations shall play positive role in development of the industry.

High commissioner Jayanath along with his delegation met the officials of Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturing & Exporters Association and thanked for their support. 

This visit is also a part of Umer Toor’s first ever research on sports in Pakistan. This visit was facilitated by

Muskan Advertising company, Ghauree & Co, Estrella International, Qadri Industries, New Hawk Industries, Exdot Sports, Crawford Industries & Pakistan Sport Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association.

Umer Toor with Sri Lankan Ambassador at Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association
Umer Toor with Sri Lankan Ambassador at Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association
Group photo during the visit of the delegation to Sialkot
Syed Zulqarnain Haider, CEO at Marketing Agency in Sialkot with Ambassador of Sri Lanka
Hasnain Iftikhar Cheema, Chairman of PSGMEA handing over the souvenir to High Commissioner of Sri Lanka during his visit along with Umer Toor & Aoun Abbass  







Our Share of Sport Tourism’s 800 Bill Us $


800 Billion Us dollars annual is the approx figure for the revenue associated with the industry which might not be even in your list. The is industry is sport tourism. One of the fastest growing industry around the globe is tourism generated through sport.

SPORTS as an Opportunity

Sports has always been around but it is emerging as one of the major opportunity. It is equally good for upcoming destinations as well as the destinations already on the list of travelers.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Every business around us is based on some statistical analysis and so is the case with the claim of increasing trends of sport tourism. Findings of the research are that sport lovers also hold the personality of keen traveling. Best example at the moment is FIFA worldcup. Some might have been having Russia on their destination to visit list but most decided once FIFA world cup 2018 landed in Russia. It is therefore no surprise that the travel and tourism sector has among the largest sponsorship outlay in sports.

Sports Development

This phenomena has already been gauged by most of the smart nations and development of sport related infrastructure is on it’s way. The best part about this is that you do not need to host a big event to attract travelers. It is all about the regular practice of holding sporting events in your region.

Sports in Pakistan

We all might understand the significance of development of sports in Pakistan but we are definitely not working on it as much as it is required. There are various pitfalls in the standard operating procedures of sport authorities in Pakistan.

Sports federations in Pakistan have detached the revenue generation element from sporting activities and the whole liability stands with the public office. There is no doubt that state shall support financially in the development of sport but that shall not be the sole way. We can observe a standard practice in almost all sport federations. Pakistan Sports Board, an organisation working as the feeding and regulatory body of all sports federation is more focused on fire fighting rather development of sports.

Sports federations in Pakistan are focused survival rather creative development models. Federations operate with three to four key persons. None holds a marketing department however every federation has a treasure who is responsible to keep the records of the funds provided by the PSB. Until and unless, federations do not work on adding a marketing department which shall enable them in communicating with corporate sector, PSB shall continue to drag the federations with the bare minimum of financial support. Globally sport is pushing various other economic sectors where as in Pakistan, various other departments are dragging sports.

Sports Leagues in Pakistan

Recently the development of Pakistan Super League, #PSL has opened up a new chapter of sport activity in Pakistan. The process of establishing Pakistan Professional Boxing League started in 2012. Super Kabaddi League #SKL got launched last year. Ring of Pakistan #ROP is moving in to second season in 2018 for professional wrestling events. Formation of different private leagues is a clear proof that our 70 years old standard operating procedure of developing sports is not enough to attract a share from 800 Billion Us Dollar generated globally.


Wrestling in Pakistan

Wrestling in Pakistan First Press Conference

It is confirmed that various international wrestlers will be visiting Pakistan in August 2018 to be the part of an International Wrestling event in Pakistan. International wrestling event in Pakistan is scheduled to take place in different cities of Pakistan. Internationally renowned wrestlers Tiny Iron, Bram, Chardonhay and Pram confirmed the participation and their support during the press conference in UK. Mr. Imran Shah of ROP, Pakistan’s high commissioner to UK, Mr. Syed Ibne Abbas and Labor MP Mr. Imran Hussain were also present at the press conference.

Background of Ring of Pakistan ROP

The very first event of professional wrestling was organised in 2017 in Pakistan by the managing team of Ring of Pakistan. In 2017, the title was under the name of Pro Wrestling Entertainment however this year the team has re branded the organisation with a new name RING OF PAKISTAN, ROP.   

Wrestling in Pakistan Press Conference in Islamabad

Management of Ring of Pakistan #ROP is expected to hold a press conference on 3rd of July 2018 in Islamabad 

Wrestling in Pakistan Press Conference in Karachi

4th of July 2018 is scheduled for the international wrestling event press conference in Karachi, Pakistan. 

Expected countries to Participate in Wrestling Event

There are various countries expected to participate in  international wrestling event in Pakistan. Top of the list are wrestlers from USA, UK and Germany. International wrestlers from France and Belgium are also expected to visit Pakistan for the event organized by Ring of PakistanROP.

TEAM of Ring of Pakistan

Senior management of Ring of Pakistan has made some changes in team. It is stated by the management of ROP that first season was successful but there were many lessons learnt. Last year experiences will definitely play a positive role in this season. Wrestling fans and media shall expect to see very senior sports marketer and event planners on board this year.