Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan

Mixed Martial Arts can consider itself among the fortunate sports in Pakistan as it just got a boost which many other sports are looking for. Relatively new, but rapidly growing sports of MMA became the center of attention at the launch of Serai Fight Night event on 3rd of August 2019 in Islamabad.


Serai Fight Night got added to the canvas of sports in a splendid way. Serai Fight Night took everyone by surprise when it announced first national MMA event in Islamabad. The event was named as SFN Contender night. More than 20 athletes stepped in the fighting cage to prove their skills and left the audience impressed.

Serai Fight Night Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan Umer Toor Saad Ali Khan

Chairman, Mr. Saad Ali Khan stated, “Its all about the passion. Passion of promoting the athletes at global level. Sports is not only entertainment but it is about social and economic development. We at SFN believe in quality and fair chance to everyone.”

Serai Fight Night is another yet a very impressive addition to the list of growing private sports in Pakistan. Serai Fight Night is based out of Islamabad, Pakistan.

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