Professional Boxing in Pakistan

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My involvement in boxing began in December 2011. I was hired as consultant by Pakistan boxing federation for event titled as Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Tournament. You can check out the details at SBBIBT 2011. I never knew that it would lead me to life time change in my career.

During amateur boxing event, I realized the potential in youth to excel as athletes & particularly boxing. I initiated the idea of development of professional boxing in Pakistan. It was named as Pakistan Professional Boxing League or PPBL.

Pakistan Professional Boxing League

The aim of PPBL is to promote the game of Professional boxing in Pakistan. The current boxing federation has been working for amateur boxers. Unfortunately, that takes care of half of the job. Youngsters to put their efforts as amateur boxers with the aim of getting into professional boxing were fruitless because there was no licensed organisation before PPBL.

PPBL gained the License from the office of World Boxing Council. This legitimated the operation of PPBL in relevance to the International standards. WBC License meant following.

  1. Pakistan could host boxing’s world title competitions
  2. Pakistani amateur boxers could step in the next level platform in boxing
  3. Pakistani professional boxers could become the part of international ranking
  4. Pakistani players could compete in international competitions
  5. WBC backs the existence of A Boxing League in PAKISTAN

Since the first national boxing championship in 1948, Pakistan did not establish any platform for professional boxers. This was a history making step in sports. Pakistan stepped up to be the part of International professional boxers. PPBL extended the life line of a Pakistani boxer & professional boxing could play vital role for Pakistan in sending a clear message of sports loving and peaceful nation.

Journey of Professional Boxing in Pakistan

Development of professional boxing in Pakistan has all of the goods and bad one can imagine. This is true for every process and so it is for the sports of professional boxing in Pakistan. You can check out the pursuit of development of professional boxing in Pakistan at PAKISTAN PROFESSIONAL BOXING LEAGUE.

Umer Toor Role in Pakistan Professional Boxing League

 I am honored to play a humbled role in the development of professional boxing league in Pakistan. Diary having the journey of professional boxing league is at .

Milestones in Journey of Professional Boxing in Pakistan

January 30th 2012 – WBC awards Licence to Pakistan 
Media recognizes the development in professional boxing in Pakistan
Pakistan Sports Board recognizes PPBL 
Fight against terrorism through sports
Government of Punjab and Professional Boxing in Pakistan
Romanian Ambassador became honorary member of PPBL
Pakistan’s participation at World Boxing Council convention
MOU Punjab Government & Professional boxing league
Development of boxing academy 
Professional boxing became highlighted 
Federal government of Pakistan & professional boxing league
International coach professional boxing visit

You can read about the venture of development of professional boxing in Pakistan at the PROBOX.  The process has been slow but it definitely has been steady. Very recent development of super boxing league by Aamir Khan has given a new life to the process of development of sports of professional boxing in Pakistan.

We all need to play our role positively in any given capacity for the development of sports in Pakistan for healthier and better society.