Professional Wrestling in Pakistan

It is indeed a great news for Pakistan as the nation is about to witness the second edition of international wrestling event in Pakistan. Fans of wrestling were amazed by the league of professional league of wrestling in 2017.

RING OF PAKISTAN ROP is all set to launch second edition of wrestling event in Pakistan

It is not only a good news for fans of wrestling but it has a direct impact on sporting goods manufacturers, entertainment industry, economy and Pakistani athletes. Some of these would enjoy the quick results and some would get lucky down the road. In every possible direction one can think of, international wrestling event is going to bring the positive results.


There is no other activity better than a sports event to support the softer image of the nation. Pakistan has been through rough times but as every other matter is setteling down, a mega event like professional wrestling by ROP will play an important role in sending the positive message to the world.

Professional wrestlers are scheduled to visit Pakistan in August 2018. Professional wrestlers from Germany, France, UK & USA have already announced their plans of visiting Pakistan for the event organised by Ring of Pakistan, ROP.