Badshah Pehalwan Khan- Wrestling in Pakistan

Badhshah Pehalwan Khan was born in Wah, Pakistan . This 21 year old Pakistani wrestler is 5ft11 tall and nearly 220 lbs. Badshah Khan is the pride of Pakistan in the wrestling world. He represents Pakistan in every fight and makes us proud.

Professional Wrestling Career

Badshah Khan is in very early stages of his wrestling career but still so far it seems very promising. He is a member of Wrestling Stars also known as Catch WS. The best wrestling company in Europe.

Badshah Khan wrestled in his first professional fight in 2012. After two years, he signed his contract with Wrestling Stars. Badshah Khan has wrestled with some globally renowned wrestlers like Flesh Gordon ( former World Champion) , Prine Zephy , Yacine Osmani etc to show his skill in this field. In 2014, Badshah Khan represented Pakistan in Spanish promotion Vila Catch. He traveled to Belgium and participated in Four Continents Cup Match.

Badshah Khan has high hopes for his WWE career. After marking his name all over Europe successfully his fans suggested him to try for WWE. He has already participated in Tough Enough and if he wins it he would be the first ever Pakistani wrestler to represent Pakistan on an international forum.

In Wrestling

As the name suggests, Badshah Khan is the king of wrestling. His style is very royal like. His costumes in which he presents himself “ The Sherwani” is very flamboyant with the colors of our national flag representing Pakistan. His finishing move is named as “The Badshahiat” meaning the royalty. Such bold style of wrestling needs some skill in the ring to back it up and Badshah Khan just might have it .

Ring of Pakistan

So now Badshah Pehalwan Khan is coming to Pakistan , his homeland, to make his own people proud and compete with international wrestling superstars in Ring of Pakistan. Will Badshah Khan be able to keep up to his name or not? Stay tuned. #ROP #Wrestling in Pakistan #Wrestling #Ring of Pakistan.