Bernard Vandamme – Wrestling in Pakistan

Bernard Vandamme is a Belgian Wrestler born on 16th October,1971 in Bruges, Belgium. Bernard follows two careers, as a wrestler and as a singer. He has performed very well in both of the fields and set a good example for his fans.

Professional Wrestling Career

Bernard Vandamme was keen to join combat sports since his childhood. He started practicing Judo when he was 6. In 1992, Bernard Shifted to Florida,USA to become a professional wrestler. He was trained by fomer champion Adrian Street. In Europe, he won the Belgian Middleweight Championship in 1993 . Right after the victory he was offered a contract with New Catch in France. In 1994 he returned to USA to play matches in Texas.

In 2010, wrestler Bernard lost the European Title in Poland. In 2014 Bernard defeated a Canadian Wrestler Rebel Starbuck and won the Wrestling New Classic Title. A week later, in a career vs career match, Cybernic lost the match and his pro license giving the European title to Bernard. In 2015 Bernard left the European title and declared it vacant.

Acting and Singing Career

Bernard Vandamme’s success in sports paved a way for him in the acting world. In the Frenh TV show Bernard Vandamme played the role of L’Homme Fort (The Strong man) for four years. On Belgian TV, Bernard Vandamme hosted a TV show “ WCW Worldwide” for two years.

Bernard got into music with the name of Big B. The type of music he makes is named “Arabeat” by him. He made 8 music albums the most recent one of which is “Forever”.


Bernard proved to be a successful wrestler in his life by winning many titles across more than 20 countries. He was nicknamed “Chippendale of the Ring”. The titles Bernard won are

  • Independent Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship
  • Wrestling Stars Tag Team Championship
  • Wrestling Stars Middleweight Championship
  • Eurostars European Championship
  • Wrestling New Classic Championship

Ring Of Pakistan

Bernard Vandamme has been to Pakistan before and is coming back again to Ring of Pakistan. He is the good guy of the wrestling world and coming to spread his spell in Pakistan too. This also supports the fact that international athletes are interested in visiting Pakistan if opportunities are provided. There are more than 20 international wrestlers other than Bernard Vandamme traveling to Pakistan for ROP Season2k18. International wrestlers and international promoters are appreciating Pakistan and Ring of Pakistan for putting it all together.