Bjorg Hakeen- Wrestling in Pakistan

Bjorg Hakeen is a Professional Wrestler from Finland. Hakeen is 193cm tall and weighs around 115 kg.  Bjorg Hakeen is a Viking. He is not backing down in the ring what so ever.

Professional Wrestling Career

Bjorg Hakeen has been in the wrestling career for 8 years. Hakeen is the Viking of the ring. People and his fans love him for his vicious wrestling attire. Hakeen has never been associated to a international wrestling promotion but his career is promising because wherever he goes, he is loved.

Hakeen has played many independent wrestling matches and won many of them.

Ring of Pakistan

Bjorg Hakeen is bringing his Finland culture to Pakistan as a Viking in the ring . He is ready to wrestle in Ring of Pakistan so get ready people. The Viking is here.
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