Cyanide Wrestler – Wrestling in Pakistan

Wrestling star Cyanide was born in Manchester ,England on 10th May,1990. Cyanide is famous in the wrestling world for his huge size and unpredictability. He is 6ft 3 tall and 350lbs. A wrestler with such size must be destroying his opponents with ease. The psyco-Cynaide must be kept in chains as we never know what this giant might do.

Professional Wrestling Career

Cyanide began his Professional Wrestling Career in 2004 in FutureShock Wrestling as Alex Cyanide. In FutureShock, Cyanide formed a wrestling tag team with Jack Toxic known as “Lethal Dose”. He got famous for his psychopathic style of wrestling. His unusual type of character was the reason for his fame in wrestling.

Cyanide joined Grand Pro Wrestling in 2007. His time in GPW was not so promising. He suffered several losses there but still was a prominent member of the association. While working with GPW Cyanide associated himself with a couple of other franchises. Northern Wrestling League was one of it. Cyanide finished his NWL span with his match in November, 2007 beating his opponent Chris Egan. Secondly, he wrestled in New Generation Wrestling.

Wrestling Character

Cyanide supports a psychotic character in his wrestling career which is the reason for his fame. His finishing move is The Chokebomb. His signature moves are Gas Chamber Splash, Sparkling Cyanide, Alvarize Driver , Contaminater Splash and Acid Landing. These moves give the idea what type of a wrestler Cyanide is , a total psycho. Toxic Terror and The Poison are the nicknames he got for his dynamic character.These humane traits makes him fearful in the ring.


Cyanide did face some downfalls in his wrestling career but he also made his mark proving himself a skillful wrestler. He worked in many franchises and some of them were simultaneous. Some of his achievements are

  • BWP Tag Team Championship
  • BWP Worldcatchweight Championship
  • Futurelock Wrestling Championship
  • FSW Tagteam Championship
  • New Generation Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Ring Of Pakistan

Cyanide, the Psycho, is ready to show us his lethal moves of wrestling in Ring Of Pakistan. Hold on to your seats as Cyanide is coming to Pakistan. Will he kill or will he spare? in any case, Pakistan is wining in development of sports, specially in private sector. ROP Season2k17 was first of it’s kind and now raising the standards in ROP Season2k18.

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