International Wrestlers Visited Walled City of Lahore

Biggest event of the year 2018 is just around the corner. More than 20 international wrestlers are visiting Pakistan to be part of the professional wrestling event planned in December 2018. International wrestling event has already caught the interest of local and international media along with wrestling fans all over.

Ring of Pakistan announced ROP Season2k18 with the tag line of “Wrestling Comes Home.” International professional wrestlers and Hollywood celebrities have started to land in Pakistan and wrestling comes home is turning out to be the reality.

More interestingly, Ring of Pakistan opted the venue to start of the activity by a tour of historical landmark in Lahore, Pakistan. The Walled City of Lahore, also known as Old City, forms the historic core of Lahore, Pakistan. The city was established around 1000 CE in the western half of the Walled City, which was fortified by a mud wall during the medieval era. The Walled City was bestowed with numerous monuments during the Mughal era, with some of Lahore’s most iconic structures being located in the Walled City, such as the lavishly decorated Wazir Khan Mosque, the massive Badshahi Mosque, and the Shahi Hammam. Imran Shah, Director ROP said, “There could not be a better opportunity than this to show the rich history of the region. ROP is a project intended to promote the real Pakistan on the global front. The untold beauty and the hospitality of Pakistanis must reach out the world. Sports are one of the best medium for the said purpose and ROP chose wrestling. Today, it is no more a dream of Pakistanis to see professional wrestlers and wrestling among themselves. I thank you the authorities of Walled City for welcoming the international guests.”

International professional wrestler from UK, Tiny Iron who visited Pakistan in July 2018 as well said, “I had to come back to Pakistan and especially Lahore. I have become a die heart fan of the hospitality of Lahoris. I am impressed with history I witnessed today at walled city. Everyone around the world should visit Pakistan to see the treat held by Pakistan. I am looking forward to the show being held on 9th of December 2018 at Alhamra cultural complex.”

Mila Smidt, an international female professional wrestler said, “I am in Pakistan for the first time and I must say, it is unbelievable experience on the very first day. I never knew, Pakistan is such a beautiful and historically enriched country. I am glad that I decided to be part of Ring of Pakistan.”

Pakistan is in focus of global media after the arrival of international wrestlers in Lahore, Pakistan. Brand consultant to ROP, Umer Toor said, “Ring of Pakistan is turning out to be the great opportunity for Pakistan to reveal the real Pakistan to the global community. It is time for us to show the world that Pakistan is one of the best among brands on earth to promote social, cultural and political harmony. The only need of time is to put the real image on the larger canvas and in this, sport is best among available mediums. Everyone shall support ROP as patriotic Pakistani”

The only Pakistani professional wrestler, Baadshah Khan is as excited as always to have international wrestlers in Pakistan since he finds it the new avenue opened for young athletes. Team at Ring of Pakistan appreciated the role of ISPR and media in the pursuit of development of the sports in Pakistan.

Professional wrestling event in Lahore is scheduled on 9th of December 2018, at Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi , Lahore.