Jonny Loquasto- Wrestling in Pakistan

Jonny Loquasto is an American actor/comedian. He is famous in the industry for his exceptional sense of humor. Jonny Loquasto has the nickname of “The Mouth” which clearly is for his communicative skills.

Professional Career

Jonny Loquasto went to University of Sciences in Philadelphia. He got his Masters degree in Physical Therapy and worked with patients including professional athletes. Instead of continuing his work as a Physician he approached the field of an comedian and did good.

Jonny Loquosto is currently the host and co-creator of Wrestling Compadres Slamcast on Fox Sports. Jonny also worked for entertaining American Troops in Middle East and in Africa as he worked for Armed Forces Ent ertainment for a couple of times.

Currently, Jonny Loquasto is a live commentator at Championship Wrestling and is also very active in a charity known as “Regular Hero”.

Acting Projects

Jonny Loquasto has a very impressive acting career . He has worked in many projects in Hollywood. Some of those projects are

  • Not normal TV series
  • Blue
  • Humor me TV series
  • The Potion
  • Coming to Hollywood TV series
  • Escape Artist
  • Web Atlas
  • Real Housewives of The Magic Kingdom
  • Racquet Ball

There are many other short stories , films and Tv series where Jonny Loquasto has worked in.

Ring of Pakistan

Now Jonny Loquasto is coming to Pakistan to cast the magic of his words in Ring of Pakistan. So stay tuned people.

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