Natalie Harrison- KC Spinelli- Wrestling in Pakistan

Natalie Harrison is a Canadian Professional Wrestler born in Toronto, Canada on 1st July,1985. She is known by her stage name KC Spinelli. KC Spinelli says that she is a feminist and her work in the wrestling career is to inspire women to stand up for themselves.

Professional Wrestling Career

KC Spinelli’s stage name is inspired by a television series “Recess”.  KC Spinelli got her training by various trainers like Scotty Mac, Artemis Spencer, Kenny Lush and Nicole Matthews. She debuted in her wrestling career in 2009. Her main show debut was in 2010 in a match against Tenille Dashwood.

KC Spinelli got her contract signed with Impact Wrestling in 2017. Her first match in Impact was a tag team match. In 2018 Spinelli started portraying the Undead Maid of honor as a member of Su Yung’s undead Bridesmaid entourage.

KC Spinelli worked for many Canadian and American promotions. Some of those promotions include Acclaim Pro Wrestling, British Empire Wrestling, Cross Fire Wrestling and Pure Wrestling Association.


Kc Spinelli has a very empowering kayfabe. Her tomboyish childhood might be a reason for it. She played many combat sports in her early life like Judo, Karate, Mai Tai kickboxing and wrestling. A women excelling in such sports makes it obvious that nothing is going to stop her. She is wild when it comes to wrestling making her an inspiration for women who love to follow wrestling and that is the point of her wrestling to some extent.


Kc Spinelli’s wrestling career is very impressive. She has been dominant is the ring showing her skills. Some of her accomplishments are

  • APW Women’s Championship
  • APW Tag Team Championship
  • British Empire Wrestling Championship
  • Crossfire Wrestling Women’s Championship
  • Pro Wrestling Association Championship
  • Internal Grand Prix
  • ECCW Women’s Championship.

Ring of Pakistan

Kc Spinelli is now coming to Pakistan to inspire some Pakistani women only on Ring of Pakistan.
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