Red Scorpion – Fabio Giarratano Wrestler in Pakistan

Fabio Giarratano was born in Palermo, Italy . He is known by his stage name Red Scorpion. This wrestler is famous for masked way of wrestling.

Professional Wrestling Career

Red scorpion started his wrestling career in 2007 in an Italian league known as Total Wipeout Wrestling. For his formation scorpion attended many formations organized by former wrestlers like Dusty Wolfe,Axel Fury,The Italian gladiator and Joe.E Legend. In 2012 , Red Scorpion became the part of a European Roster for a Tv serial. In 2012 Red Scorpion started working for Bologna Wrestling Team and in 2014 received the award of Best Wrestler from a famous website Professional Other than these Red Sorpion has worked with many other federations through out his career. Some of those are,

  • European Pro Wrestling
  • Rome Wrestling Academy
  • Total Combat Wrestling
  • Pure Pro Wrestling
  • United Italian Wrestlers

Wrestling Gimmick

Red Scorpion has a very dynamic style of wrestling. His masked identity is one of the main attraction of his wrestling attire. He has his own style of wrestling which makes him so attractive to the viewers. He tries to bring the qualities of a scorpion in his wrestling style. His finisher move is Scorpion Red Lock, Scorpion Driver and Twister Sting.

He got many nicknames for his style but the famous one of those is “ll nemico del male” which means “the enemy of evil” . The nickname indicates that the Red Scorpion is one of the good guys in wrestling universe.


The Red Scorpion has an impressive wrestling career and has got many various titles to his name. Some of these titles are

  • Bologna Wrestling Team Championship
  • New European Wrestling Tag Team Championship
  • Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team Championship
  • Ultimate Kombat Wrestling Association Championship
  • Olginate’s Cup Tournament winner

Red Scorpion has shown his skill wherever he went to compete.

Ring Of Pakistan

Red Scorpion is on his way to Pakistan to compete in the Ring of Pakistan. The venomous wrestler might prove lethal with his moves and skills. Pakistan is going to witness what this wrestler has to offer.

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