Tango Tim Wylie- Wrestling in Pakistan

Tango Tim Wylie is an English wrestler born in Shropshire , England. Tim Wylie is 5ft 9 tall and weighs around 220 lbs. He goes by other names also like Wildman Wylie.

Wrestling Career

Tango Tim Wylie started his wrestling career in 2006 with British Wrestling Alliance. In 2008, Tango Tim Wylie wrestled in All Star Wrestling and earned some fame there.

In 2009 and 2010, Tango Tim Wylie worked with Future Championship Wrestling.

World Wide Wrestling League signed him in 2012 .Tango Tim Wylie worked for many wrestling promotions in his wrestling career and is still doing so . He debuted in Discovery Wrestling in 2015 and is working with them till today. In 2016 he preformed in 5Star wrestling.

Tango Tim Wylie also wrestled in Pro Wrestling Entertainment in 2017. Tango TIm Wylie  has a inspirational wrestling history and is looking forward to enhance it furthermore.


Tango Tim Wylie has a nickname of Tango in the wrestling world for his funky type of wrestling . He, while wrestling, plays around exhausting the opponent. His different style in wrestling makes him  lovable. Tango Tim Wylie sure takes his opponent’s composure to limits .


Tango Tim Wylie is all set to show some action in ring. Tango Tim Wylie is coming to Pakistan and he will wrestle in Ring of Pakistan.

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