Wong Yuk Lun – Ho Ho Lun Wrestling in Pakistan

Wong Yuk Lun, is a Hong Kong professional wrestler born on 19th July,1987. Ho Ho Lun is 5ft 7 tall and weighs 155 lbs. He is well known by his stage name of HO HO LUN for his work in NXT, the developmental territory of WWE. Ho Ho Lun is also the founder of Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation.

Professional Wrestling Career

Ho Ho Lun was passionate about professional wrestling since his childhood. He was a big fan of wrestling superstars of World Wrestling Federation and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

His wrestling career started when he shifted to China and joined China Wrestling Entertainment. Ho Ho Lun opened his own gym in Hong Kong where he and his fellow wrestlers trained. This formed the basis of Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation. Some notable wrestlers who trained and originated from this gym are Jason Lee, Ladybird and Bitman. In 2010, Ho Ho Lun traveled to United Kingdom and joined 4FrontWrestling. In 2011 he came back to UK and this tour lasted for 6 months.

Ho Ho Lun was a participant in WWE Cruiserweight Championship, beginning his career in WWE. Ho Ho Lun became a member of NXT as a tag team partner of Dusty Rhodes. In 2017 , it was announced that Ho Ho lun was relieved of his contract.

Except these ventures, Ho Ho Lun has been wrestling in various countries around the globe . Ho Ho Lun wrestled in Taiwan Wrestling Tapei in Taiwan. He also wrestled for other Taiwanese promotions like New Taiwan Wrestling. In his 2011 UK tour Ho Ho Lun wrestled for 4FW, Triple X Wrestling and Pro wrestling Live. Ho Ho lun has been a globally renowned wrestler wrestling around the globe .

The titles Ho Ho Lun won are

  • AWGC Junior Lightweight Championship
  • KOPW Championship

Ring of Pakistan

After wrestling around the world in many countries, Ho Ho Lun is coming to Pakistan to wrestle in Ring Of Pakistan. So fasten your seat belts and experience the action, the adrenaline and the rumble in Ring of Pakistan.

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