Ring of Pakistan | Professional Wrestling Event Lahore

December 2018 marked a historic benchmark in sports and entertainment industry of Pakistan. Determined pursuit of team at Ring of Pakistan surprised the world by turning the dream of having international professional wrestlers and Hollywood celebrities in Pakistan. In given perceptions of Pakistan, it was not an task to realize such mega plan however, despite of all hurdles, world witnessed the visit and performance of more than 20 international professional wrestlers and celebrities in Lahore on 9th of December 2018.

26th November 2018

Mega international event was being center of attention of local and international media since the announcement of the possible dates of the event in August 2018 however it all became the part of the global buzz on 26th of October 2018 when professional wrestler, Baadsha Pehlwan Khan landed in Karachi. Baadsha Khan’s Appearance on one of the tv show on 27th of November initiated the promotion of the wrestling event. Prior to Baadsha Pehlwan Khan’s Arrival, Ring of Pakistan made the heavy weight champion title belt available for the tour of various academic institutes in Lahore.

Brand consultant to Ring of Pakistan, Umer Toor believes in connecting youth in activities designed creatively to promote sports. “It is important to engage upcoming generation in sports and it is no more an easy task. As trends have changed in lifestyle around us in last two decades, so is the case with sports. We must address to the agenda align with the modern trends among youngsters.”

Historic Site Visit

Global media once again spotted Pakistan at the arrival of female international wrestler Mila Smidt and professional wrestler from UK Tiny Iron on 3rd of December 2018 in Lahore. Last month of 2018 brought the focus of all eyes on to Pakistan. Historic landmark, the Lahore Forte “Shahi Qila” became the first site to be visited by international stars. Walled city of Lahore has been the point of interest for tourists and state guests always.

Academic Institutes Tour

Ring of Pakistan addressed the academic institutions on priority. International wrestlers along with Ring of Pakistan delegation visited various academic institutions on 5th and 6th of December 2018. Universities included UMT, UET, FC, UCP and Lums.  Despite of short availability of time, universities were visited by international celebrities to promote the wrestling and in general to give the message of peace.

Pakistan in general and Lahore in specific continued to be in hype. On 7th of December 2018, multiple stars landed in Lahore and joined the international celebrities enjoying the city of Lahore. A wave of stress was felt at lack of support by KMC sports complex authorities who led to the cancellation of the event in Karachi. Imran Shah, CEO of Ring of Pakistan said, “It is sad news for Karachiites that there will be no professional wrestling event this year. I wish, KMC authorities could realize the impact of the event however it is an opportunity lost. Much not to be said, since we all are working for developing Pakistan as a better brand and we shall continue to do so. Ring of Pakistan is confident to give a better and bigger show to Karachi soon.”

International wrestlers also visited various other public events. International celebrities stated that we feel absolute safe and our visits are clear answer to the people who hold negative perception about Pakistan. Shopping malls, public events, academic institutions and all other places were part of the visits of international wrestlers.

Fayaz Ul Hassan Chohan & Choudhary Sarwar

Information and culture minister, Fayaz ul Hassan chohan hosted international professional wrestlers at his office at Alhamra, Lahore on 7th of December 2018. On the very same day, Governor Punjab, Chaudhary Sawrar hosted the team of Ring of Pakistan along with all international stars. In between these two events, Ring of Pakistan held the media briefing at Alhamra cultural complex, Gaddafi, Lahore.

Wagha Border

8th of December 2018 caught the attention of media once again when international professional wrestlers and Hollywood celebrities visited the flag hosting ceremony at Wagha border. Wagha border is notorious for the flag hosting ceremony. Army Rangers facilitated the tour which left the guests with memorable moments. Night before the event, at return from Wagha boarder, professional wrestlers visited the arena. All professional wrestlers expressed their complete satisfaction over the preparations going on at at Alhamra cultural complex. International experts analysed the arrangements and stated that all work has been done at absolute international standards.

Show Night

9th of December, early morning, former wwe super star, Chris Masters joined the group of professional wrestlers. International wrestlers and other celebrities included Bernard Vandamme, Tango tim Wylie, Red scorpion, ho ho lune, Ludovic, Yacine Osmani, Adam Bensiba, Hakeen, Tom Laruffa, Tiny iron, Cynide, Baadsha Pehlwan Khan along with female wrestlers Mila Smidt and KC spinelli. International stars travelled to Pakistan from China, Italy, France, UK, USA and various other countries.

9th of December 2018, Alhamra cultural complex, Gaddafi, Lahore was all set for mega international event. State authorities responsible for security arrived at venue early on 9th of December and took all required measures to ensure the best of the security of audience and guests. Ring of Pakistan appreciated the role of Police and Rangers. International wrestlers arrived at the venue at 5:00 PM and the opportunity to the public having passes to meet the wrestlers was given. People were excited to see international professional wrestlers among themselves. International guests were impressed by the love given to them by the people of Lahore. International professional wrestling show started at 7:30 pm.

Massive fireworks coloured the skies of Lahore followed by the recitation of Quran and National Anthem of Pakistan. A surprise appearance of Tv and Stage actor, Iftikhar Thakur left the audience with laughs.


Famous Hollywood comedian and announcer Jonny Loquasto hosted the professional wrestling event. The results of the night were as follows.

Bernard Vandamme vs Tango tim Wylie
Winner : Bernard Vandamme

Red scorpion vs ho ho lun vs Ludovic
Winner:  Ludovic

KC spinelli vs mila smidt
Winner: KC spinelli

Yacine Osmani & Adam Bensiba vs Bjorg Hakeen & Tom Laruffa
Winner: Hakeen and Laruffa

Main event for ROP HEAVY WEIGHT champion
Baadshah pehalwan khan vs chris masters
Badshah Khan defeated Chris Masters and Saved the title.

Over the top rope battle royal
Yacine vs red scorpion vs ho ho lun vs adam bensiba vs bernard vandamme vs tom laruffa
Winner : yacine osmani

Tiny iron vs Cyanide
Winner : Tiny Iron

After such entertainment the closing ceremony was held. Medals were given to the Wrestlers. The ceremony was graced by various dignitaries. Ring of Pakistan concluded the long run with perfection and left a golden mark in the history of Pakistan. Ring of Pakistan is determined to continue to develop and promote sports in Pakistan. Future plans to be announced soon by Ring of Pakistan.