Ring of Pakistan ROP Press Conference

Syed Asim Ali Shah, CEO ROP and Umer Toor

International Professional wrestling events to start in month of August 2018 in Pakistan. Second edition of professional wrestling in Pakistan.


On 3rd of July 2013, management of ROP, Ring of Pakistan held the media briefing event. Most notable element of the press conference was the arrival of international wrestlers in support of ROP and promotion of the wrestling event in Pakistan.

Management of Ring of Pakistan

The event hosted by the team of Ring of Pakistan included the CEO of ROP, Mr. Syed Asim Ali Shah, Director of ROP, Mr. Syed Imran Shah and Director of ROP, Mr. Zeeshan Bashir. There were other senior sports analyst and personalities working for the development of sports in Pakistan were seen at the media briefing event.

Mr. Syed Asim Ali Shah CEO ROP

Ring of Pakistan Rop Wrestling in Pakistan Umer Toor Syed Asim Shah Tiny Iron Badshah.JPG
Mr. Syed Asim Shah, CEO Ring of Pakistan briefing media about the event

While talking to media, Mr Asim thanked Pakistan Army for giving the support in the development of the sports and specially, professional boxing. International wrestlers are expected to be meeting higher officials of Pakistan Army. He specially thanked media personalities for giving immense support to the sports of wrestling. “It would not have been possible with the support of media and ROP expects the same to continue for the positive outcome of the efforts by Ring of Pakistan” said Asim.

Mr. Syed Imran Shah Director ROP

Ring of Pakistan Rop Wrestling in Pakistan Umer Toor Syed Imran Shah Tiny Iron Badshah
Mr. Imran Shah, Director Ring of Pakistan responding to media questions

Mr. Syed Imran shah briefly said, “He is very hopeful for the bright future of professional boxing in Pakistan. ROP has plans to develop wrestling academies in Pakistan to produce local talent.”

Mr. Zeeshan Bashir Director ROP

Ring of Pakistan Rop Wrestling in Pakistan Zeeshan Tiny Iron Asim shah Brum
Mr. Zeeshan, Director Ring of Pakistan at Media Briefing

Director of Ring of Pakistan, Mr Zeeshan said, “I am delighted and thankful for every Pakistani for their support and love. With this support, I clearly see a shining tomorrow in the sports of professional wrestling in Pakistan.” Fans shall expect better and bigger events this year.

International Wrestlers in Islamabad, Pakistan

Team of ROP is being appreciated for managing to have the international wrestlers at the press conference in Islamabad, Pakistan. Professional wrestlers at the event were BRAM, TINY IRON, REBEL & BADSHAH.

International Wrestlers in Pakistan ISPR Pakistan Army
International Wrestlers meet DG ISPR

International wrestling star Tiny Iron said, he is super excited about being in Pakistan for the second time and he had to wait one whole year to get back. Professional wrestler Bram said, he is looking forward for the great competition and he is enjoying the trip to Pakistan. Badshah mentioned that so far he is the only Pakistani in wrestling but hopefully next year, Pakistan will witness more of Pakistan’s talent.

Professional Wrestling in Pakistan Media Briefing Event

Aoun Abbas, Sri Lankan Ambassador, Syed Asim Ali Shah, Rana & Umer Toor
Guests at the event of Ring of Pakistan were thrilled to see the international professional wrestlers at the media briefing event in Islamabad, Pakistan. Professional wrestlers at the event amused guests by their energetic appearances. Guests went on to take pictures with international professional wrestlers.

Proud Moment

National Anthem of Pakistan was played at the event. International wrestlers not only stood among guests and media personalities but Tiny Iron also went on in urduPAKISTAN ZINDABAD” . There is no doubt that sports can transform the stereotyped image of Pakistan and ROP seems to be doing the job in right direction.


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