Thank You Baadshah Pehalwan Khan – Pakistani Pro Wrestler

Wrestling fans are well aware of the wrestlers and various leagues but they do not understand the rough road one takes to be in that ring. Every wrestler has to fight to achieve the fame along with keeping the entertainment element in the fight for the fans.

Pakistan Loves Wrestling

Pakistan is among wrestling loving nation with huge fan following of famous shows like WWE, TNA, Impact and many others. As every country, fans from Pakistan are hoping to see Pakistan’s representation in wrestling rings.

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan – An Ideal

First ray of hope for Pakistani’s to see their representation in wresting rings is Baadshah Pehalwan Khan. Baadshah Pahelwan Khan is constantly putting extra ordinary effort to take Pakistan to the big rings of wrestling.  BPK is determined to pave his way to famous rings. BPK has gone in the ring without taking precautionary measures; he was born in a village in Pakistan, grew up in France and furthermore, he embraces and wears the flag of his country with pride.

Ring of Pakistan became one of the good platforms for Baadshah Khan in 2017. Pakistan got to know about the young talent on their own soil. Ring of Pakistan is first ever professional wrestling entity taking charge to promote wrestling in Pakistan with plans in hand to promote Pakistani wrestlers to the international platforms.

Fans from Pakistan need to understand the contribution of BPK in wrestling. Baadshah Pahelwan Khan carries the flag of Pakistan in rings which has made fans of wrestling around the world to know that Pakistan is getting pumped up for the future. BPK is the first face of Pakistan in wrestling arenas. As all other walks of life, first step the critical one. BPK has become the best advocate of Ring of Pakistan which has recently emerged as a contributor to the development of wrestling in Pakistan.

BPK continues to inspire the upcoming generation of Pakistan and it is undoubtedly a sign for young people to work out on lines to become wrestler. BPK has become the hope to many talented wrestlers since he has opened the door. It is important for BPK to get the appreciation and support from Pakistani fans so he continues to put up shows in Pakistan and around the world.

Entertainment industry values the wrestlers who are followed by high number of fans. Higher number of fan following gives the confidence to the management of wrestling shows of having the wrestler as part of the show.

Ring of Pakistan

Ring of Pakistan Rop Wrestling in Pakistan Umer Toor Syed Asim Shah Tiny Iron Badshah
CEO ROP Syed Asim & Baadshah Pahelwan Khan

The most recent visit of BPK to Pakistan to promote the professional wrestling event in Pakistan is appreciable. Baadshah Pehalwan Khan was in Pakistan to promote the international wrestling events being organised by Ring of Pakistan in the month of August 2018. BPK was part of the wrestling events in Pakistan in 2017 as well. CEO at ROP appreciated the efforts of Baadshah Pahelwan Khan and said that BPK continues to inspire the young talent in Pakistan to consider wrestling as one of the potential career.

Other international wrestlers along with Baadshah Khan to promote the wrestling events in Pakistan were, Tiny Iron, Bram & Rebel Tanea.

BPK – Get to Know

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