Thank You Rebel Tanea Brooks – Female Wrestling Star

Pakistan through the eyes of Media

Pakistan has been in the international media for all the negative reasons. It is a complicated scenario for a nation of 20 million people who are peaceful but have been facing the ill elements. People who know Pakistan through the TV screens would might never consider a visit to Pakistan.

Female American Wrestler in Pakistan

Rebel Tania Brooks Female Wrestler in Pakistan ROP Ring of Pakistan Umer Toor (11)

With the given scenario, it is important to highlight Rebel Tanea Brooks visit to Pakistan for the promotion of the upcoming wrestling events in August 2018 in Pakistan. This holds various significant elements. First, professional wrestling events in Pakistan with more than two dozen international wrestlers to visit Pakistan. Second, female wrestlers to visit Pakistan to be part of the wrestling event. Once you connect all these details, you might wonder, what are all those news about which you get to hear on TV. That is a separate debate however visit of a female known wrestling star, REBEL TANEA BROOKS visited Pakistan and promoted the event in two cities of Pakistan. REBEL shall be the best of the advocate of the hospitality of Pakistan after her trip. Wrestling fans are looking forward to have international wrestlers to land in Pakistan in August 2018.

Role of Ring of Pakistan

Rebel Tania Brooks Female Wrestler in Pakistan ROP Ring of Pakistan Umer Toor (4)
Mr. Syed Asim Ali Shah at Media Briefing of Wrestling Events in Aug 2018

Sports are the best of the positive activity one can imagine. Establishment of Ring of Pakistan or ROP is no more with false dreams. Visit of international professional wrestlers for the second season of wrestling events is an evident proof of the success story of the Mr. Syed Asim Ali Shah’s team. Mr. Asim, CEO of ROP is hopeful for the better future of sports, wrestling and perception of Pakistan in the eyes of global community.

As every new process, ROP is going through a learning process however a clear vision is all set. ROP did manage to put great shows in 2017 and now the homework is being done for professional wrestling events in 2018.

Wrestling fans from Pakistan are Thankful to REBEL for her visit to Pakistan.


Professional wrestler from USA, Tanea Brooks with ring name, REBEL is also a wrestling manager, model, actress and dancer. Rebel Tanea Brooks is working under the contract of World Wonder Ring Stardom and Impact Wrestling at the moment. Rebel Tanea Brooks comes from Owasso, Oklahoma. Rebel Tanea Brooks started her career as cheerleader of Dallas Cowboys at the age of 18. She appeared on the cover of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ swimsuit calendar. Los Angles became the town of her choice for advancement in her professional career. Rebel is also a licensed cosmetologist.

Rebel started training at Ohio Valley Wrestling In 2014. Rebel defeated Ohio Valley Wrestling dark matches two times champion, Jessie Bellie and twice she defeated Mary Elizabeth. Rebel defeated Monroe in her televised debut at the Saturday Night Special on August 2 and on October 1, Rebel defeated Jessie Belle to become the number one contender for the OVW Women’s Championship; however, the match was cut from broadcast as a result of OVW ceasing with women’s wrestling at the time. Dean Hill bought OVW and Rebel won the fight with Jessie Belle on July 11, 2015 on OVW Episode 829. You can read more detail by clicking REBEL TANEA BROOKS Rebel has been seen in action at TNA from 2013 to 2016. Check out the details of Rebel in TNA. In 2017, Rebel returned to Impact Wresting and joined World Wonder Ring Storm.


Rebel played lead “badonkadonk” girl in Trace Adkins’ “Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk” video. She was part of Trace in the CMT Music Awards and ACMA shows. She was in the Brooks and Dunn video “Play Something Country.” Rebel was also a “Homewrecker” which is a dancer/performer between skits for the new Jeff Foxworthy show, Foxworthy’s Big Night OutIn 2002, Rebel debut he acting career in a short entitled Sweet Friggin’ Daisies. She appeared in the reality television series Full Throttle Saloon for three years making guest appearances. In 2010, she appeared in the short Hello as Teresa Tomkins. In 2011, she appeared in Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan in the episode “Mufasa and Tucker”.


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