Thank You Tiny Iron – Pro Wrestling Star

Tiny Iron in Pakistan

Wrestling fans are excited by the fact that Tiny Iron is visiting Pakistan for the second time. Tiny visited Pakistan in 2017 & now his visit is intended to promote the second edition of professional wrestling events in Pakistan. Professional wrestling events are scheduled to take place in August 2018 in various cities of Pakistan.

Ring of Pakistan has managed to set the stage for the professional wrestlers and known starts to perform in Pakistan. It is a good sign for the sports lovers and Pakistani’s as nation since it is helping not only in development of sports in Pakistan but also playing a vital role in sending the softer image of Pakistan to the international community.

Pakistan appreciates Tiny, who is any thing but tiny for visiting Pakistan and advocating the hospitality of Pakistan.

Tiny Iron

Tiny Iron Pro Wrestler in Pakistan Ring of Pakistan ROP Umer Toor (7)
Its good to see you in Pakistan – TINY IRON

Professional wrestling star, Tiny Iron is from London, England. Tiny Iron “Harrison” has worked as actor, wrestler and personal security guard to many to celebrities. Celebrities including Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Rihanna are the names among celebrities to whom Tiny Iron has worked for.

Acting career

Harrison or Tiny Iron first played a role in a movie named Jeffery Archer in 2002: The Truth. He next appeared in a 2005 direct-to-video release called The Number One Girl, starring Vinnies Jones. He acted in 2006 in film Rulers and Dealers.  After that Tiny Iron acted in a recurring role on the series Trexx and Flipside in 2008. In 2009 he appeared in a film starring rap artist 50 Cent called Dead Man Running.

Professional wrestling career

Charlie Rage stands as the trainer to Tiny Iron. He started of his career in 2007. Tiny iron became the heavyweight champion in WretleForce. New Wrestling EntertainmentFederation Francaise de Catch Professionnel, where he won the vacant FFCP World Heavyweight Championship on July 26, 2011, European Wrestling AssociationWrestling New ClassicItalian Wrestling SuperstarEuropean Professional WrestlingInternational Wrestling Stars Federation and Flemish Wrestling Force.


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